Dave Gaster
Dave Gaster

I started my career as a Civil Engineer within Local Government in the 70's, taking on a Direct Labour Organisation (DLO) as the overall manager, in the early 80's, made up of 200 people working on the highways of inner London.

That was my introduction to wide scale management, and a series of appointments, dealing with highways, housing and the environment. On average we saved 14% of total costs, with every single team growing in bredth and scale of operation.

In 1992 I was fortunate to discover Deming, enabling a further transformation in service delivery. Whilst initially somewhat mechanistic in approach, service delivery improved many fold, while costs again reduced by 14%.

I set up my own Interim Management / Consultant business in 1994, trading reasonably succesfully, enabling two businesses to more than double their turnover, achieving BS5750 en route. I then gained my first major transformation assignment, to turn round or shut down another council 'contract unit'.

That became a permanent employer, and in the next six years it became one of the best performing units in the whole of the UK, with some elements becoming really 'world class'.

In 2002 I re-established as an interim manager, taking a very wide array of assignments, to some extent speciallising in working for organisations that know they have problems.

During the last five years that has include Best Value reviews, business to business step change, 19% recycling for the cost of 4%. Numerous articles published, together with a double ended book, 'Quality or Politics' / 'Politics or Quality'

Now I am also working with a number of others to attempt to get Systems Thinking embedded into Government approval... The hardest task so far!

I've an HND and Honours Degree inCivil Engineering, NVQ5 in Management, C&G in computing, member of the Institute of Management, Assocaite member of the institution of Waste Management.



EMail: daveg@supportservicesdirect.co.uk
Website: http://www.supportservicesdirect.co.uk

“Embedding Systems Thinking in the Public Sector”.

Systems Thinking has been a small part of the way that the Public Sector has worked for nearly 20 years and yet it has never achieved the critical mass to become part of the Central Government direction. Dave will celebrate the achievements that have occurred in diverse services, referring to ‘Quality or Politics’ and then compare these achievements to the needs created by ‘The efficiency challenge’ and the white paper ‘Strong and prosperous communities’. Can the next planned 15% efficiency be achieved without Systems Thinking? How can our ‘Profound Knowledge’ become the Profound Knowledge for future governance?