David Clift
David Clift David Clift is a 21st Century Problem Solver. He is also the Founder & CEO of LEAN WORLD, an organization set up to help communities and enterprises to create value, prosperity and growth; through the adoption of world class ways of working and the intelligent use of technology.  David is an inspirational forward-looking business leader. He is acknowledged as one of the UK's top emerging talents & its brightest stars in Business. He is a member of the Courvoisier Future 500 network, a select group of leaders from all areas of public life. He is also a member of the CBI East of England Regional Council, the Lean Community and the Deming Forum. David is the author of the landmark book “LEAN WORLD: The DNA of Success and the Path to Prosperity”, and has previously presented at the "Frontiers of Lean" Summit and the ITU Telecom World Forum 2006 held in Hong Kong, as part of their “Business Models that Deliver” theme.
Website: http://www.leanworld.co.uk

Creating sustained 'Success' in a 21st Century World

This talk will uncover the "DNA of Success", as well as the "Path to Prosperity" and a better world - a "Lean World".    It will show any enterprise, whether they are big or small, public or private, local or global, producer or service provider, how to create sustained prosperity & growth and much better outcomes for everyone.

Powered by Deming's philosophies, 21st century ‘Lean’ enterprise management creates “sustained success”.  The talk will explore what 'Lean Management Systems' looks like, how they work and how anyone can apply them. It will uncover key steps necessary to create a Lean Enterprise and discuss some of the additional roles Lean enterprises play.  For instance, Lean enterprises help to reduce stress and improve individual well-being. They also create more contented communities and an increasingly sustainable environment.  This talk will also explore progress towards a Lean World, the role technology is starting to play, and what it might mean for us all in the future….