David Howard
David Howard

David Howard has specialised in management transformation since the early 1980s when leading projects for both US and UK companies. He established Management-NewStyle in 1990 to use systemic thinking to guide process working from the 'first metre' to the 'last mile' using his FlowMap System. Most recently he has been pioneering a new web-based process workflow system that minimises reliance on IT specialists and other intermediaries.




“Economic-Quality, Computers and People”

For a quarter of a century these three aspects of business have enjoyed a muddled, costly and inefficient co-existence. Yet the distinctive, wealth creating strength of each arises from the same set of systemic principles. When recognised and aligned these elements can provide managers with a powerful platform for disruptive innovation. Drawing on 25 years of practical application of the Deming philosophy, David will explain how the technics are now to hand that can bring about a transformation in the way work gets done.