Geoff Hunt
Geoff HuntGeoff is a director and founding member of the Koios Group, a consultancy which specialises in applying systems thinking techniques to the structuring of complex organisational problems. Over the past 15 years he has applied the Soft Systems Methodology (SSM) to organisational analysis and business improvement projects in a variety of defence, government and commercial organisations and at strategic, operational and tactical levels. He is a colleague of Professor Brian Wilson (the current Koios Group practice lead for SSM ) who has pioneered development of SSM as a technique to support complex organisational analyses.

Don’t think How; think What! or
The contribution of Soft Systems thinking to Deming’s approach to management

The Soft Systems Methodology (SSM) is an analytical approach for tackling complex, messy problems whose definition changes according to the different perspectives of the observer (i.e. almost any area involving purposeful human activity), Geoff Hunt, an experienced SSM practitioner in the field of organisational analysis and improvement, will introduce the fundamentals of SSM, and, by referencing several major past projects in both the government and commercial fields, show its utility in supporting components of Deming’s approach to management.