Hilbert Reijn

Hilbert ReijnHilbert Reijn ~ Operations Manager

Part of Hilbert’s current role as Operations Management since January 2007 is being the sponsor of the global business improvement program. He joined International Paint in 2007 after 21 years within various Akzo Nobel functions and subsidiaries including Information Technology, Logistics, and production and supply chain.


International Paint, a division of Akzo Nobel, has for over four years been conducting a comprehensive improvement programme based upon the principles of W E Deming and incorporates practical methodologies and structures developed through the 1990s. The programme, supported by PMI, has been active across all of IP’s global locations, has crossed cultural and functional boundaries and has achieved a large number of both tangible and intangible benefits. The company continues to perform better than ever before in its history, but the improvement journey continues.   

Bob Parker and Hilbert Reijn will share their learning, both from the successes and the disappointments, as they consider how to confront the challenges of the future. These include maintaining interest in a more mature programme and ensuring that the new thinking becomes increasingly integral to running the business. All in a currently highly successful global company, at a time of economic uncertainty.