Jo Forker
Jo Forker




‘An Introduction to the Deming Management Method’
with James Crawford & Jo Forker of The Deming Forum

The objective of this workshop is to challenge current management practices and introduce the principles behind Dr Deming’s system of management. It will explore his claim that sustainable change requires nothing less than the transformation of the prevailing style of management. This interactive and fun day looks at what the world class Japanese companies did to apply Deming’s approach, what they achieved, and the implications for your own organisation. Confront some of the idiocies of modern management and identify just what is required to deliver a lasting change in your organisation. The agenda includes Deming’s System of Profound Knowledge (SoPK), The Red Bead Experiment and the 14 points for management. Why not bring a colleague, develop your ideas and build an agenda for change together? There really is a better way!