John Carlisle
John Carlisle

John Carlisle conducted major research on the copper mines in Zambia to promote Zambianisation in the late 1960's. He settled in England in 1970. He is a recognised authority in partnering and his authoritative book "Beyond Negotiation", co-authored with Bob Parker, was endorsed by the great Dr W. Edwards Deming. This has now been translated into Italian and working Chinese, and will soon be available in Russian. John Carlisle's message of productive cooperation has been consistently driven home in over fifty articles and papers he wrote in the nineties, and in the major projects he has led. His partnering work began in the North Oil and Gas sector, and then transferred to the construction sector at the request of Sir Michael Latham and the Reading Construction Forum. Today the company he founded, JCP, is the biggest provider of Partnering implementations in Europe, to the value of £3 billion per annum, and are acknowledged experts in this sector, world-wide.

In 2001/2002 John Carlisle was Professor and Chair of the Johnson and Johnson Leadership Development Institute at Rhodes University, South Africa. One of his initiatives, as professor, was to introduce cooperative project management to the commercial sector of the Eastern Cape.

He is also chairman of JCP South Africa which provides cooperative strategies for organisations engaged in nation-building.

John Carlisle is the founder and chairman of the ASHBY MANOR PROJECT, a Trust set up on his farm in Queenstown, South Africa, which is a family and community centre for HIV victims. This has developed a reputation throughout the Eastern Cape as a place of "refreshment, light and peace" where the poorest HIV affected people and their families can meet their spiritual, social and basic nutritional needs, and regain a purposeful life.

John is a dedicated (fanatical) England rugby supporter. His most important claim to fame was to be with his wife, Anne, in Sydney at the Cup Final to see England lift the William Webb Ellis trophy.


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