Mary Hickey

Mary Hickey



A lot done, more to do...
Transforming processes at the Adelaide & Meath Hospital

Healthcare today is a vast web of complexity and contradiction. It offers astounding advances in technology and treatment, but is overburdened by inefficiencies, errors, resource constraints and other issues that threaten the accessibility and safety of patient care.

The medical error rates reported in National and International studies recently are the groans of a collapsing paradigm: the traditional model rather than an individual practitioner's accumulated personal experience and judgement are the pinnacle of medial effectiveness. Embedded in our culture is the notion of 'finding a good doctor', when what we really should be looking for is a 'good health care system' that is greater than the sum of its parts and acts on knowledge base of accumulate best evidence - that can change quickly and continuously if necessary.

Implementing and sustaining the benefits of change are the challenges. During the session I would like to explore three primary drivers of change: Leadership, Culture and systems with reference to Dr Deming's System of Profound Knowledge and our experience of introducing Six Sigma.