Paul Hollingworth
Paul Hollingworth

Paul Hollingworth is a systems thinker with over 30 years' practical experience in the field of performance improvement. Paul was introduced to Dr Deming in the late 1980's and rapidly became regular contributor to the work of the British Deming Association. He founded 4GM Consulting in 1991 and helped to establish the Russian Deming Association in 1993. Since then, he has successfully used his pragmatic approach to help dozens of diverse organisations to improve performance through adding customer value and eliminating waste.



Seminar: The Enneagram as a Lens for Transformation

The ancient wisdom of the Enneagram was brought to the attention of the Western world by George Gurdjieff in 1916. It's most popular use in management today is as a diagnostic tool for personality typing, but the Gurdjieff Enneagram is and always has been, about transformation. During the 20th century this profoundarchetype influenced the work of great systems thinkers such as George Bernard Shaw, John Bennett and Stafford Beer. In this session Paul Hollingworth will share some insight into the Enneagram and its use as a lens for transformation.