Richard Noble
Richard Noble

Richard Noble is probably best known for British successes with the World Land Speed Record. In 1994 while developing the ThrustSSC supersonic car programme, the project ran into serious difficulties and to accelerate pace and reduce cost Richard configured the company with a flat structure with quite astonishing results.

Thrust SSC

ThrustSSC and the Land Speed Record

In 1889 the first land speed record was set at 39.24 mph. In the 1930s and 40s the British dominated and names like Malcolm Campbell, George Eyston, and John Cobb became national heroes. In the 1960s the Americans dominated with their jet engined 'monsters'. Nearly a hundred years after the first record was set Richard Noble regained the record for Britain in Thrust2 which travelled at over 630 mph.

Old thrust

Richard Noble also led the team that produced the current record holder, ThrustSSC. In October 1997 ThrustSSC became the first car ever to break the sound barrier when, driven by Andy Green, it broke the Land Speed Record at an amazing speed of 763, 035 miles per hour. A number of Coventry organisations made significant contributions to the ThrustSSC project, and this is why the word 'Coventry' appears either side of the vehicle's cockpit.




Richard presented at the Forum in 2005 and subsequently discovered the huge current interest in Transformation.

The presentation in May 2006 will include revisiting the ThrustSSC project, his current ideas on Transformation implementation and, in a second session, an open forum for discussion. Richard's organisation has a plan to develop this approach further and would like to invite participation from Transformation Forum delegates.