Robert Gillian
Robert Gillian

Robert is a linguist and graduate of Oxford University, a member of the Institute of Directors and Director of ICS Ltd.

He is a former Director of The Society for Effective Affective Learning, an international network of trainers and managers set up in 1983 to explore the nature and process of learning. He is a committed researcher into how we learn and has published many articles on this subject. He is a regular presenter and keynote speaker, both at conferences worldwide and for the BBC.




”Learning to Learn”

In an age of ever-accelerating change it is becoming increasingly clear that competitive advantage will go to those individuals and companies most efficient at learning and adapting. As a species we are programmed to learn: indeed, it is that, more than anything else, which distinguishes us from other primates and which has ensured our survival. This presentation shows what happens when we learn, how we have unique and individual learning styles and how we can therefore equip ourselves all the more effectively for professional and personal survival.