Tony Owen

Tony Owen Tony Owen worked in the electronics industry for over 40 years and was heavily involved in quality initiatives which he presented in Europe, North America and South Africa. He has spent 18 years as a local government councillor firstly in the London Borough of Merton and currently in the London Borough of Bromley where he is Deputy Mayor.

Tony chairs the General Purposes & Licensing committee and was the architect of Bromley Council's statement of licensing policy under the 2003 act. He has been instrumental in introducing 'lean thinking' projects to the council. These are being studied by the Audit Commission and by the Planning Advisory Service.




”Star* Raving Bonkers” 2006

Tony will illustrate just how much indicators and target setting (particularly in the public sector) not only impede improvement but actually make things worse. He will demonstrate, with practical examples, how control charts (or behaviour charts) lead to better analysis and decision making.