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CDs feature various speakers from the yearly Transformation Forums, with PowerPoint presentations for personal study.

Transformation Forum 2004 CD ~ The Truth Is not Enough:
'Managing Transformation means Transforming Management.’
CD includes: Papers & powerpoint presentations Price: £10.00

John Carlisle
‘Leadership and Cooperation ~ the challenge of a lifetime’
Kelly Allan
‘Six New Leadership Competencies and why Smart executives Fail’
David Wormald & Steve Lambert, Raflatac
‘How good leadership can be effective as well as fun’
Jayne Wilde
‘Management, Mind Games or Manipulation?’
Gordon Hall
‘Developing the Deming Learning Network (DLN)’
Lynn Parsley
‘The Four Agreements ~ simple guiding principles to help reach full potential’
Bill Bellows
‘Beyond the Sub-Optimisation of Interchangeable Parts’
Anne Heaney & Mark Gauchwin
‘BAE Systems. Applying ‘Deming’ to Submarine & Naval Ship Building’
Brian Swain
‘Lean Thinking & Leadership’
Oscar Mink
‘Leadership Issues in the New Economy’
Jack Crawford & Pat Dolan
‘Whence and Whither Deming's Ideas in the UK?’
Andrew Scott & James Crawford
‘Lean IT- Ensuring your IT delivers its promise?’
Terry Weight, Royal Dutch Shell
‘Continual Improvement is our goal but do we know what it is?’
Barry Mapp
‘The Leader as Coach. How co-active, participative coaching guides people and organisations toward profound transformation.’
Nigel Clements
‘Liven Up Your Performance Data!’
Heather Barton & Clare Thomson, Horizon Housing Group
‘EFQM & Continuous Improvement.’
Wyn Llewellyn
‘High Performing Teams ~is there a magic ingredient?’

Transformation Forum 2005 ~ Transformation is not Improvement:
'Why ‘best efforts’ will not revolutionise your organisation'
CD includes: Papers & powerpoint presentations Price: £10.00

Brian Swain, Rubicon Associates
'Leading in Time - Managing the Lean Enterprise.’
Arie de Geus author of ‘The Living Company’
‘Challenging our thinking on the wider system.’
Bill Bellows, The Boeing Company
‘The Power of Vision ~ Leading a Transformation from Where You Are’.
Alan Meekings, Landmark Consulting
‘Effective measurement and review in the workplace’
Jim Clauson , Breakthrough Systems
'Aiming to stay the course in uncertain times’
Paul Morlock, Smyth County Community Hospital in the USA
‘Compensation and Performance Appraisal at Smyth County Community Hospital.’
Brian Mayne, LIFT International
’Goal Mapping: Growing Organisations by Developing Individual Greatness.’
Gordon Hall, Deming Learning Network
‘An update on recent successes’
Debbie Ray from the award winning Samaritan Hospital, USA
‘A System of Shard Leadership: a winning strategy for organisational transformation’
Norman Hardie, Airbus & Jane Seddon, PMI
‘More than Best Efforts. Signposts on the journey towards optimisation.’
Paul Harriman, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust
‘Enlightened Interpretation of Data.’
Myron Tribus
‘Consciously Thinking About Consciousness’
Jon Bergstrom of Bergstrom Learning Centre
‘Helping your organisation transform:putting Deming’s philosophy into action.’
Nick Baxter from Cornerstone Community Care (winner of the New Statesman Upstarts Award for Social Entrepreneur of the Year 2005)
‘The story of this fascinating organisation and the application of Deming’s principles to its development.’
Hugh L’Estrange & Susan Norman, Society of Effective & Affective Learning
‘Accelerated Learning ~ How can you learn more quickly and easily?’
Peter Collis, Leeds University - School of Performance & Culture
‘Using Deming’s Profound Knowledge to improve the quality of learning.’
Paul Hollingworth of 4GM
‘Transformation is not improvement! ~ but it does require problem solving.’

Transformation Forum 2006 ~ The Nature of Transformation:
' Delivering the long term benefits of change'
CD includes: Papers & powerpoint presentations Price: £10.00

Mary Hickey
‘A lot done, more to do...Transforming processes at the Adelaide & Meath Hospital’
Duncan Bennett
‘Clearly the best Water Company in the UK?’
Dennis Sherwood
‘There is no such thing as ‘unintended consequences’
John Entwistle
‘Sustainable transformational change in Facilities Management outsourcing’
Stephen Parry
‘Corporate Transformation’
Mark Sheasby & Team
‘Life On Mars’
Chris Green
‘Transforming a Sub-optimised System!’
John Bicheno
‘Deming & the intregation of Lean, Six Sigma & TRIZ’
Karl Buckridge
‘Prophet from a Bottleneck - Transformation with Deming & Goldratt’
Tony Droar
‘Its all Isaac’s Fault’
H.Thomas Johnson
‘Managing by Results and the Eclipse of American Business: A Deming Prophecy Fulfilled?’
Richard Noble
‘Transformation Implementation’
Hugh Rogers
‘Transforming the healthcare service - What are we learning?’
Ed Stivala
‘Improve your powers of influence and persuasion’
Rob Worth
‘Implications of the system of Profound Knowledge for IT’

Transformation Forum 2007 ~ The Nature of Transformation:
' Creating a Culture of Innovation'
CD includes: Papers & powerpoint presentations Price: £10.00

Nigel Clements
‘Lean Sigma...a totally, different name for something we have always had?’
John Seddon
‘It’s the system stupid!’
Tony Owen
‘Star* Raving Bonkers’
David Train
‘Climate Change: Bringing the world on board with a paddle for life’
David Howard
‘Economic-quality, Computers and People’
Paul Burton
‘Transformation vs. Transition - An Operational Challenge’
Sherrin Moss & Esther Ridsdale
‘Strategy, policy and systems thinking in the NHS’
Robert Gillan
‘Learning to Learn’
Sheila Ronis
‘Erosion of the industrial Base and its Issues of National Security: A Systems Approach for the US Congress’
John Carlisle
‘The Power of X, or Whatever Happened to McGregor’s Legacy?’
Richard Kirkman
‘Transformation - a work in progress’
Dave Gaster
‘Embedding Systems Thinking in the Public Sector’
Jim Clauson
‘How to Apply Deming’s Philosophies in the world of e-Business’
David McQuade
‘Acting on the system; some principles, practices and issues’
David Droar
‘Theory of Knowledge’
Paul Hollingworth
‘The Enneagram, A Profound System of Transformation’
Denise Howard
‘Leaving a Smile on Everyone’s Face’

Transformation Forum 2008 CD ~ The Truth Is not Enough:
'Managing Transformation means Transforming Management.’
CD includes: Papers & powerpoint presentations Price: £10.00

Dennis Sherwood
Silver Bullet Machine - 'Is creativity born or made?’
Bob Parker & Hilbert Reijn
International Paint - 'A Business Improvement Journey’
Miranda Holmes
‘Systems Thinking in Local Government’
Mark Sheasby
‘About Success Health and Happiness’
Geoff Hunt, The Kolos Group
‘Don't think HOW, think WHY’
Nick Hebborn, First Great Western
‘Systems & Process - A Lifetimes Journey’
David Clift
Lean World. 'Creating and Sustaining 'Success' in a 21st Century World’
Peter Worthington
PRISM Europe. 'Effective Use of Attribute Data’
Glen Mazur
QFD Institute. ‘Delighting Customers with QFD’
Ron Skea
Velux‘The Empty Chair’
John seddon
‘Systems Thinking in the Public Sector’
Norm Bafunno, Toyota Motor Manufacturing, USA
Tony Droar
West Sussex County Council
‘Complexity Chaos and Innovation’
Kevan Leach
‘What Your Reports aren't Telling You!’
‘Question and Answer session with Norm Bufanno’
Emma Langman & Alasdair MacDonald
‘Murder in the Boardroom: Are You Taking the P - Seriously?'
Patrick Hoverstadt
Fractal Consulting. 'Beer's Viable System Model (VSM) - Understanding Organisations’
Alan Winlow MBE
‘Climate Change Through the Lens of Profound Knowledge’