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The Deming Basic Library (9 titles)
Deming Basic Library
Price: £573.00
Deming Library This selection of nine DVDs offers an overview of Deming’s philosophy of cooperation, systems thinking, and continual improvement of people and communication. The ideas are new and counter-intuitive and require repeated viewing. Together they show how to begin to lead an organisation to become greater than the sum of its parts, to view problems as opportunities, practice continual improvement and encourage personal transformation. Includes:
  • The Prophet of Quality
  • The 14 Points (Vol. 2)
  • The Red Bead Experiment and Life (Vol. 7)
  • Lessons of the Red Bead Experiment (Vol. 8)
  • The Funnel Experiment (Vol. 9)
  • Understanding Profound Knowledge(Vol. 14)
  • Competition, Cooperation, and the Individual (Vol. 15)
  • The Quality Leader (Vol. 16)
  • A Theory of a System for Educators and Managers (Vol. 21)

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The Deming Starter Library (4 titles)
Deming Starter Library
Price: £251.00
Deming LibraryThe Deming Starter Library:
4 Videos - This set of four DVDs introduces the fundamental Dr. Deming’s fundamental ideas: Looking at management as a system; the 14 Points, actions (all of them) needed to set the organisation on a path to transformation; the Red Bead Experiment designed to impress on participants that results come from the system, not individuals; and Profound Knowledge, the system of thinking on which all practices must be based to achieve continual improvement of the organisation, its people, and products or services.
Programs included in the starter series:
  • The Prophet of Quality
  • The 14 Points (Vol. 2)
  • The Red Bead Experiment and Life (Vol. 7)
  • Understanding Profound Knowledge (Vol. 14)

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The Complete Deming Management Library (32 titles)
Deming Management Library
Price: £1527.00
Deming LibraryThe Complete Deming Management Library:
This is the complete and authoritative presentation of the Deming philosophy of continual improvement and cooperation in video with teaching guides. Dr. Deming collaborated with producer Clare Crawford-Mason and writer/narrator Lloyd Dobyns for more than eight years to produce an account of his system of managing for continual improvement, including the 14 Points, his beliefs about the value of cooperation — all are integrated in his system of profound knowledge. Dr. Deming developed these ideas, firmly believing that managers and leaders must understand something of each of the following components of profound knowledge:
  • a theory of a system
  • the principle of variation
  • the theory of knowledge
  • the psychology of people in organisations undergoing change

Managers and leaders don’t have to become expert in these subjects but they need to understand that the elements of profound knowledge interact and that their task is to bear this in mind while learning to manage the organisation as a system.

Your organisation may employ any system of management. Your understanding of the organisation and how to improve both your performance and what you produce as an end product or service can only be improved by putting the Deming Management Library to use. The procedure is simple: Regularly re-visit source ideas and ask questions.

These source ideas are found in The Deming Management Library and Understanding Systems with Russell Ackoff plus a good reading list.

The practice? Schedule a session periodically at which a department, office group, or team meet, view one video and then ask, "What is he saying? How does this apply to us?" Do this weekly and you will be pleased after a few months at the positive changes in thinking and outlook that take place among the participants. And you may begin to explore particular management issues or topics by referring to the Deming Management Library index and using it to find particular discussions in the videos.


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Titles Available:
W Edwards Deming: The Prophet of Quality.
Intimate video biography; an excellent introduction. Broadcast by PBS after Deming’s death in 1993.
The New Economic Age, Vol. 1:
Relates the global economy new thinking about leadership; competitive survival calls for innovation
The 14 Points, Vol. 2
Fundamental guidelines for improving organisation-wide performance
Corporate Leadership, The Ford Story Vol. 3
Illustrates chief executive leadership at the highest level to overcome severe financial loss
Adoption of the New Philosophy, Ford Story Vol. 4
The board accepts the need for fundamental changes, and discover continual improvement
Communication of the New Philosophy, The Ford Story Vol. 5
Senior managers accept the single-supplier concept, and the limitations of work standards
Application of the New Philosophy, The Ford Story Vol. 6
Senior leaders consider improvements from the transformation effort, less inspection, less fear etc
The Red Bead Experiment & Life, Vol. 7
Dr. Deming himself demonstrates conclusively that the system determines the outcome— not individuals
Lessons from the Red Beads, Vol. 8
Dr Deming teaches the principles of system operation, the need for operational definitions, and losses resulting from ranking employees
The Funnel Experiment, Vol. 9
Dr Deming teaches the implications of a stable system and also the consequences of tampering in efforts to solve problems
How Managers and Workers Can Change, Vol. 10
Shows the changes experienced after five years' practice in making system improvements
Cooperation- The Key to Quality, Vol. 11
The Dangers of Buying on Price Tag Alone, Vol. 12
America in the Global Market, Vol. 13
Understanding Profound Knowledge, Vol. 14
Deming introduces the first three components of the system of profound knowledge
Competition, Cooperation, and the Individual, Vol. 15
Teaches the differences between intrinsic and extrinsic rewards
The Quality Leader, Vol. 16
Discusses the attributes of successful leaders applying profound knowledge, and the need for continued learning
People Systems: The Toughest Challenge, Vol. 17
General Motors senior managers replace the annual appraisal with a personal development plan
Competition Doesn't Work: Cooperation Does, Vol. 18
Dr Deming and author Alfie Kohn discuss evidence that cooperation delivers
Profound Knowledge for Leadership, Vol. 19
General Motors managers and Deming present the case against command and control management principles
Leadership for the Transformation, Vol. 20
Top General Motors managers discuss their role as both teacher and coach
A Theory of a System for Educators and Managers, Vol. 21
Teaches the changing perception of organisations as systems
Understanding the Baldrige Award, Vol. 22
Deming and Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award director Curt Reimann discuss management
Putting Deming and the Baldrige Award Together, Vol. 23
Similarities between Deming’s 14 Points and the seven Baldrige criteria
Cultural Transformation: A New Way of Thinking, Vol. 24
Cultural transformation: Continual Improvement, Vol. 25
Zytec managers and employees describe their 7-year experience of continual improvement and the constraints
A Study in Continual Improvement, Part I, Vol. 26
A Study in Continual Improvement, Part II, Vol. 27
Profound knowledge applies to process improvement initiatives. The 14 Points are restated within a hospital setting
Implementing Deming 1:
Peter R. Scholtes, management consultant, examines the reasons why performance appraisals degrade morale.
Implementing Deming 2:
Scholtes identifies four objectives of a performance appraisal system and some alternative methods for meeting these.
Implementing Deming 3:
Dr. Brian L. Joiner, CEO Joiner Associates describes Western management practices
Implementing Deming 4:
Dr. Joiner discusses implementation of continual improvement.
Additional Titles:
Good news, How Hospitals heal themselves:
Hospitals are complex rapidly changing social systems. Hear how two large hospital systems have saved lives and reduced errors, infections and waste by using Toyota management principles.
Good news DVD & The Nun & the Bureaucrat Book:
Buy together & save £5.00
Gallery Furniture:
The personal transformation of the founder and CEO. Competition doesn't work!

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