Nigel Clements

"Nigel has enriched my life intellectually and emotionally over the last 20 plus years. It is difficult to imagine the world without him but he has left a wealth of wonderful memories and knowledge that will help us all in the months and years to come. Rest in Peace dear friend"
Hazel Cannon

"Hard to summarise what to say about Nigel – there is simply so much to say. All time spent with Nigel was immensely enjoyable & packed with great learning - & not a little humour!! His knowledge of Systems Thinking (& many other subjects!) was simply awe inspiring and he had an amazing ability to impart this knowledge & his extensive experience to others in a very personable & humble way. He simply loved to see people grow & develop and was one of those fabulous people who is great to 'be around' - lots of interesting stories & a genuine interest in 'you'. His passing leaves the world a dimmer place – but for those of us who remain what a fantastic legacy he has established for us to build on!"
Dave Kerr

“What can I say about Nigel?  He was a true gentleman and a scholar.  His moral and ethical standards were impeccable and his knowledge of Systems Thinking was profoundly deep.  I have known Nigel for well over 15 years and he has been a huge influence on me through his teaching and friendship.  I will never forget his kind words of encouragement, beaming smile and infectious laugh.  I have lost a coach, a mentor and a close friend.  The world has lost somebody who truly made a difference to people’s lives.”
Jason Pugh

"I knew Nigel first as a consultant, then as a colleague and friend. I have always had the utmost respect for his subject knowledge but, at the same time, came to know him as someone who it was good to spend time with. We have lost a special person."
Glyn Lumley

"It was a pleasure to have worked with Nigel at the Transformation Forum conferences. He was a lovely man and a keen member of the team. He will be sadly missed."
Trudy Parrott

"A true professional, an inspirational thinker, a profound teacher, an engaging personality and a true gentleman.  He will be missed by many."
Martin Gibson

"I remember Nigel well and was so sorry to hear of his sudden passing. How ironic and tragic that it should have been a rail accident. My condolences go to his extended family and legion of friends who will miss him sadly."
Margaret Eiluned Morgan

"I recall Nigel as a gentle, humorous and enthusiastic man with boundless energy and a ready smile."
Cheryl Thomas

"I will remember Nigel for his warmth, energy, enthusiasm and exemplary zest for learning. He evoked joy and laughter in his colleagues and students. Nigel was an inspiration."
Ray Charlton

"I was very shocked and extremely sad to hear the news of Nigel.  I worked and learned together with Nigel many many times over the last 20 years.  He was always a great person to be with and share with in all the circumstances that I was with him.  I was already missing being with him since it is a little while since our last joint encounter.  I can’t believe, I will not have that privilege again."
Terry Weight

"A remarkable man, gone too soon. An inspiration to all of us that met him."
Alan Pippenger

"Nigel Clements and Dave Kerr have been my thinking mentors, my spiritual guides, my big brothers, wonderful friends. We have had coffees, cakes and hot chocolates in Nantwich many times. I feel blessed and honoured to have been part of the Nantwich Trio. Talking about every topic imaginable. Thinking deeply about what we have to offer; how we can be helpful to businesses, individuals, society - in our own small way. Nigel is kind, humble, generous, energetic and funny. Quick and quirky funny. Clever and gentle wit. Nigel has played a key part in moving me from an arrogant brainbox, to an increasingly patient and empathetic learner. I cannot write about him in the past tense. Nor do I need to. He will be alive forever in the hearts of his many friends. Wherever I go in life, his gentle humour and wisdom travel with me. As does my memory of him sitting in the sun, sipping tea and laughing. I'm so glad that we almost always had cake with that tea. You are an inspiration, Nigel. I feel so lucky to have known you. Thank you for everything. Ems x"
Emma Langman

"Nigel introduced me to Deming and was a guiding light through the early learning of both myself and many like minded people within the rail industry. A true gentlemen and will be greatly missed."
Steve Turner

"Such sad news. I had the pleasure of meeting Nigel on a number of occasions and, like everyone else, I was immediately struck by his tremendous enthusiasm. My abiding memory is of Nigel brilliantly bringing the red bead experiment to life. It was the first time I had seen the experiment performed and it will never be bettered. My thoughts are with Nigel's family and friends."
Ian Gilson

"I am so sorry to hear the news.  Nigel was a great guy!!"
Mike Micklewright

"I am so sorry to hear this sad news my thoughts are with his family. He was an inspiration and a gentleman. I attended a number of his training sessions where he was always generous with this time and patient with his students."
Stephen Parry

"I was so sorry to hear of Nigel’s tragic death. It is hard to comprehend. My heart goes out to Moira and the rest of Nigel’s family at this time.  Nigel was an inspiration and showed such a depth of knowledge coupled with a kind and generous manner. He is sadly missed."
Val McKie

"When I think of all the people, in all the firms I’ve had to deal with, Nigel stood out as an amenable, no nonsense, and solid guy. He was really genuine and a pleasure to work with.  His untimely death is very saddening."
Trevor Morton

"So very sorry to learn about Nigel's passing. We have lost a great person who profoundly understood the System of Profound Knowledge and bringing it into practice with profound fun. I have fond memories of the class where Nigel did the Red Bead experiment.  My thoughts are with Nigel's family and friends."
Frans Leijse

"I have read this news with shock and sadness. I was lucky enough to meet Nigel early in my learning of the Deming approach. His patient, informed and practical advice has been a touchstone for me for 25 years. Always ready with a kind word and the right encouragement Nigel was never far from my thoughts whenever I wrestled with a leadership or business issue. Nigel’s counsel was so reliable and helpful he became one of a very small group who's wisdom I’d accept without question. He is a sad loss to his family and to our community. I will miss him deeply."
Mark Sheasby

"Our thoughts go out to the family of Nigel Clements.  It is people like Nigel that quietly benefit so many people in both professional and community life."
Arthur Carr F.C.I.S.

"I knew Nigel through the Deming Forum and although I have not worked with him closely I could see that he made a valuable contribution to the Deming world.  He was a lovely person with such a wealth of knowledge.   He will be very much missed."
Frances Early

"I remember Nigel as one of the leading QFD experts in the UK and whose sense of humor that was the "spoonful of sugar" that made the quality medicine go down. I will miss my friend dearly."
Glenn Mazur

"Bugger, or as Thomas would put it:

Every morning, when I wake, 
Dear Lord, a little prayer I make,

O please to keep Thy loving eye
On all poor creatures born to die.
And every evening at sun-down
I ask a blessing on the town,

For whether we last the night or no
I’m sure is always touch-and-go.
We are not wholly bad or good
Who live our lives under Milk Wood,

And Thou, I know, wilt be the first
To see our best side, not our worst.
O let us see another day!

Bless us all, this night, I pray,
And to the sun we all will bow
And say, goodbye – but just for now!

Fade to black.     
Hold for applause.

Love always, old mate,"
Ian Ashton. MBA. AFAIM (credit to your inspiration!)

"Nigel has been an exceptional mentor, supporter and friend for more than twenty years, by far the best trainer that I have ever met, able to distil knowledge, wisdom and wit into every situation, with high energy and boundless commitment. His contribution to society, businesses and all that have been touched by him has been massive. My life will for ever be less complete. So many regrets."
Dave Gaster

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