~ 9 May 2001 in Birmingham ~
~ 10 May 2001 in Brighouse ~

High Trenouse

Combine the Transformation Forum with an opportunity to visit High Trenhouse in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside and take part in some enjoyable and innovative experiential learning.

Just some of the speakers and themes planned:

H. Thomas Johnson, PhD
His book Relevance Lost was named by Harvard Business Review as one of the most influential books in 75 years. As the Professor of Quality Management at Portland State University, he has spent over 6 years approaching life-system management including a new approach to cost management that supercedes and promises to supplant accounting based cost management.

Mark Sheasby
Superintendent in the West Midlands Police Force, Mark will talk about Continuous Improvement in the Police Force - introducing the 7-step approach for crime reduction and applying the target driven approach of the Force in a way that fits with the System of Profound Knowledge.

Jane Seddon
Jane, who works for PMI, will discuss linking Business Goals and Process Improvement activity. Using her experience as Educator, Consultant, and Manager, she will lead a challenging session.

Kate Kelly
"Listening to Customers" - this practical session will help us understand how to hear and truly understand the "Voice of the Customer." Kate provides invaluable help to the Forum helping us hear your voice.

Debbie Ray
Debbie is the Business Relations Manager at Good Samaritan Hospital in Ohio - voted #1 in Patient Satisfaction in the USA in a national survey. She will share 'by what method' they used Deming's theory to improve their system and achieve satisfied patients and employees. Some of you will remember Debbie from her days with OQPF in Cincinnatii.

Patrick Dolan
Patrick will lead a Master Class session on Deming Theory in practice. His considerable experience and knowledge make this a stunning and practical learning opportunity.

Alan Winlow
Quality Orchestrator at Marshalls' significant system and environmental improvements and a founder of the Deming Forum, Alan will talk about his experiences and Transition in the 3rd Age.

David McCormack
The leader of NatWest Bank's' successful Documents Solutions Division will share thoughts and experiences on Leadership and Transition using Deming's Theory and Fourth Generation Management.

The Corona Group
Martin Dives and Cheryl Thomas will share the remarkable story of their organisation's improvement initiative. This frank and informative session will be a remarkable milestone on their journey.

Myron Tribus
We hope and plan for Myron's continued appearance at UK Deming events.

Thanks to the following sponsors for 2001:

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