~ 15-16 May 2002 in Doncaster~

We have 2 facinating wrap around events for the Forum this year:

Before the Forum

Dan Oestreich
On Tuesday, The Alliance of Deming Consultants is presenting "A Day With Dan Oestreich"
We are delighted that we have been able to secure an opportunity to spend a day with Dan Oestreich. Co-author of "Driving fear out of the Workplace" and "The Courageous Messenger", Dan will take as his theme for this event his paper "Our Star", written in the aftermath of the September 11th tragedy.Click [here] for additional information.

After the Forum

Bill Bellows
On Friday, Net2 is presenting an interactive morning session with Bill Bellows and Dan Oestrich.

Building on their presentations at the Transformation Forum, Bill and Dan offer an opportunity to explore and make sense of the leadership and system priorities for you and your organization. Click [here] for additional information.

Do you need to attend this conference?

  • Whether you are a manager, practitioner, teacher, student or consultant, attending the Deming Forum is a tangible investment of your time.
  • Budget holders will be pleased to know that you will leave with not only theory but also practical advice that can be applied to your own improvement initiative when you return to your organization.
  • The registration fee is such good value, why not bring a colleague and use the time together to identify some realistic options for your organization?

The benefits?
Attending the forum offers considerable benefits:

  • Improve your understanding of Deming's Theory
  • Increase your abilities in applying the approach
  • Time to think and learn
  • Mutual support and sharing experience
  • Establishing new networks
  • Recharging your batteries and renewing your energy


Thanks to the following sponsors for 2002:

Rolls Royce
Virgin Trains
Simmons dickinson
Avon & Somerset Police

Managing Transformation
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Transforming Management


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