Transformation is Not Improvement!
~ Why 'best efforts' will not revolutionise your organisation ~

Organisations today are constantly in a state of change. There is an endless round of organisation and re-organisation, of strategic projects and tactical projects, of hirings and firings, branding and re-branding. Individual teams and departments may introduce changes and run projects, but each aims to solve their own problems, meet their own priorities and hit their own targets.

All of these initiatives are billed as local improvements but how often does an organisation end up with the same kind of issues in each new incarnation? New problems are introduced up stream or down stream, or in the future. Transformation is far more fundamental than this.

Dr Deming, the management guru renowned for his work on Business Transformation and Quality said that "constant improvement of product and process is essential, but unimportant". The kind of transformation that is at the core of his message is far more profound than just the latest improvement approach or management fad.

So what is transformation? A transformed organisation will have a profoundly different approach to managing its processes, its people and its relationships. It will understand its customers in a new way and will use an understanding of variation to learn, innovate and drive lasting improvements. It will confront and challenge leaders, managers, staff and ultimately the entire business culture. The new mindset will raise the organisation to a new richer level, and enable it to stay ahead.

Come to the Transformation Forum 2005 to explore what this means for you and why you need to start on this journey. You can then embark on the change that will transform the way you lead and move your organisation to a whole new level of performance.

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