Transformation is Not Improvement!
~ Why 'best efforts' will not revolutionise your organisation ~

Intro day
The introductory day of our Forum will help you get the most out of the following two days and to make a difference back in your own organisation. Choose from 2 full day sessions. If you are new to Dr Deming's work then select option 1. For those more familiar with Deming's work, select option 2.

Option 1 - A practical introduction to the Deming philosophy.
For newcomers to Deming there is an introductory workshop led by Nigel Clements. This fun and interactive day includes Deming’s System of Profound Knowledge (SoPK), The Red Bead Experiment and Deming’s 14 points for management (what the world class Japanese companies did in applying the System of Profound Knowledge). Nigel Clements’ experience in helping organisations to effect the transformation brings a wealth of data and examples to this session. Confront some of the idiocies of modern management and build a theory for more effective leadership behaviour ~ there really is a better way! The objective of this workshop is to challenge current practices, stimulate you to learn more and help you understand what to stop and what to start doing in your own organisations. Why not bring a colleague and build an agenda for change together?

Option 2. - Creating the Lean Enterprise.
This alternative session, led by Brian Swain, explores the the thinking, tools and approaches to transforming business and operational performance through the application of Lean Thinking and SoPK. Brian Swain has been working with companies across the UK for the last 18 years to help them to improve their performance. His long association with the work of Dr. Deming, Professor Dan Jones and the Lean Approach to business management has helped him to consolidate a principle driven, practical approach to helping businesses perform at world class levels.

This will be a fast moving interactive session that begins with the basics and background of Lean, will describe from first hand experience how it is implemented in manufacturing, service and construction and will discuss how to bring a whole business into a Lean Enterprise development process. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss their working situations and the issues & opportunities in pursuing a Lean transformation.

Both sessions are invaluable in getting you thinking before the conference and are highly recommended.


Thanks to the following sponsors for 2005:

Deming Learning Network
Dianna Deming Cahill

Managing Transformation
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Transforming Management


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