The Nature of Transformation
~ Delivering the long term benefits of change ~

Transformation is not Improvement

Research has shown that over 70% of business improvements fail to meet their objectives. Projects may have good intentions, may be well planned and resourced, and may bring benefits in the short-term, but most seem to fail to deliver the long-term benefits desired.

How can this be? Managers are working harder than ever to keep up with changing demands and every year new management texts are full of helpful advice on techniques to try and tools to use. So what makes the difference between success and failure; what can turn short-term wins into long-term gains?

Come to the Transformation Forum 2006 and discover the principles underlying truly successful business transformation. Find out how to deliver a powerful customer culture, re-engineer processes to deliver what really matters, eliminate inefficiency and waste, and get your organisation, customers and suppliers working effectively together to deliver a fundamental and lasting change. You will network with people who are leading change in a range of private and public sector organisations. Take the opportunity to discuss what they have learned and explore better ways to address your own challenges.

Over 3 days you will learn the principles behind Deming's system of management, hear how successful organisations have delivered their results and meet inspiring speakers from across Europe and America.

Thanks to the following sponsors for 2006:

Deming Learning Network
Dianna Deming Cahill

Managing Transformation
actually means
Transforming Management


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