The Nature of Transformation
~ Delivering the long term benefits of change ~

The introductory day of our Forum will help you get the most out of the following two days and to make a difference back in your own organisation. Choose from 2 full day sessions. If you are new to Dr Deming's work then select option 1. For those more familiar with Deming's work, select option 2.

Option 1: "An Introduction to the Deming Management Method" with Nigel Clements

The objective of this workshop is to challenge current management practices and introduce the principles behind Dr Deming’s system of management. It will explore Deming’s claim that sustainable change requires nothing less than the transformation of the prevailing style of management.

This interactive day looks at what the world class Japanese companies did to apply Deming’s approach, what they achieved, and the implications for your own organisation.

Nigel Clements will lead the workshop. He has extensive experience in helping organisations to effect the transformation and brings a wealth of data and examples to this session.

Confront some of the idiocies of modern management and identify the changes that will be necessary to deliver a lasting change in your organisation. Why not bring a colleague, develop your ideas and build an agenda for change together?

There really is a better way!

Option 2: "The Self-Defeating Habits of Otherwise Brilliant People" with Anna Maravelas

Anna Maravelas tackles a commonly overlooked but costly phenomenon in her popular presentation, “The Self-Defeating Habits of Otherwise Brilliant People.” ® An expert in workplace conflict resolution and a devotee of Deming, Maravelas contends that frustrated leaders and employees can avoid behaviours that fuel destructive disagreements rather than wasting profits and time resolving them—continuously. You will learn how to create emotionally resilient workplaces, avoid risk factors for cancer, heart disease, and depression, eliminate the five major causes of simmering hostilities and maintain your integrity by sidestepping invitations to blame. Rather than undermining relationships by “searching for stupidity,” Maravelas entertains her audiences with techniques for avoiding self-righteous indignation and focusing on the true causes of workplace inefficiency and waste. The day long session is loaded with skill-building, laughter and surprise. Join us!

Anna Maravelas is the author of How to Reduce Workplace Conflict and Stress (Career Press). For more than 20 years she has resolved workplace conflict between executives, work groups, departments and individuals.

Both sessions are invaluable in getting you thinking before the conference and are highly recommended.

Thanks to the following sponsors for 2006:

Deming Learning Network
Dianna Deming Cahill

Managing Transformation
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