The Nature of Transformation
~ Delivering the long term benefits of change ~

Chris Green, Chairman of The Railway Forum & former Chief Executive of Virgin Trains. ‘Transforming a Sub-optimised System!’
Chris will focus on case studies throughout his railway career that illustrate the power of vision, process and leadership. He will explore how together they can help to bring about transformation in an ever changing industry structure. Chris will share examples and learning from organisations where these 3 elements have not been present. Hear his vision of how the railway industry might be if it worked together as a system, in a joined up way, to deliver a common aim!

Professor Tom Johnson, author of ‘Relevance Regained’ and ‘Profit Beyond Measure’ ‘Managing by Results and the Eclipse of American Business: A Deming Prophecy Fulfilled?’
Of Dr. Deming's 14 Points, perhaps most ignored is the one that cautions organisations not to manage results by setting targets that people must meet or fear losing their jobs. The eventual result of this practice, he warned, is destruction of the system that sustains the organisation. This presentation will consider how attending to this Point explains Toyota's stunning success and ignoring the point explains the decades-long decline of American business.

John Entwistle, Facilities Management Operations Director, United Utilities plc. ‘Sustainable transformational change in Facilities Management outsourcing.’
Traditionally organisations have outsourced their FM and asset management activities to control costs and to allow focus on core activities. However, local authorities in particular are now outsourcing where they are unable to achieve transformational change themselves and require external support to do so. This insight shows how United Utilities approach transformation programmes in a local authority environment, including the potential pitfalls and the lessons that have been learnt.

Dennis Sherwood,A systems view of teamwork.’
What is a team and how does a ‘team’ differ from a ‘group’, We all know the phrase ‘the whole is greater than the sum of its parts’, but what, precisely, does it mean? We know the power that can be unleashed when a ‘group’ becomes a ‘team’. Dennis will apply the insights of systems theory, and introduce the new concept of ‘organodynamics’, which has parallels with its engineering counterpart ‘thermodynamics’, and is all about how to get useful work out of organisations.

Richard Noble, Entrepreneur and world supersonic land speed record breaker.
In 1994 while developing the ThrustSSC supersonic car programme, the project ran into serious difficulties and to accelerate pace and reduce cost Richard configured the company with a flat structure with astonishing results. Following his presentation at the Forum in 2005 he discovered the huge interest in Transformation. This presentation will include revisiting the ThrustSSC project, his current ideas on Transformation implementation and, in this extended open forum session, Richard will share his plans to develop this approach and he invites participation from Forum delegates.

John Bichenco, author of ‘The Lean Toolbox’ and ‘The Six Sigma Toolkit’. 'Deming and the integration of Lean, Six Sigma, & TRIZ.'
These three powerful themes in operations can be mutually reinforcing but are rarely connected. Hear John explore how Deming's philosophy offers a framework for integration.

Tony Droar, West Sussex County Council. ‘It's all Isaac's Fault.’
Tony considers how Newton's reductionism and machine metaphor is deeply imbedded into our thinking about our world and our organisations. New views are emerging from physics, the biological sciences and economics, that offer more useful perspectives. Tony explores how these alter our thinking about organisations and thus our approach to change and transformation.

Duncan Bennett from Yorkshire Water. ‘Clearly the best WaterCompany in the UK?’
This case study will review the fully integrated programme of business change and IT investment that has transformed the customer service and operational performance of this monopoly water utility. At the heart of the solution is a new class leading IT infrastructure, designed to support fully integrated business processes for managing field activities and linking, in real time, the company’s customer contact centre with field technicians. The primary focus of the presentation will not be the technology, but rather the business challenge and cultural change necessary to underpin the success of this ambitious programme.

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