The Nature of Transformation
~ Creating a Culture of Innovation ~

Creating a Culture of Innovation

A key challenge for all organisations is to predict and react to the way in which customers¡¯ demands are changing - but how do you know what customers really want¡¦..and how do customers know what they can have?

Stand-alone customer programmes, quality improvement projects, target setting, employee appraisal and IT initiatives all miss the point. You must continually develop and redevelop your products and services, design and redesign your processes, align and re-align your organisation. You must enable your staff to learn and re-learn better ways. Empower everyone to work with customers to understand their real needs as well as future desires. Jointly create better solutions and start to deliver a fundamental change - a culture of innovation.

The system of management developed by Dr Deming and others shows that consistent application of four key disciplines is required to enable a lasting change:

  • managing the organisation and its interfaces as a holistic system
  • understanding the variation in the system to focus and drive improvements
  • engaging staffs' intrinsic pride in their work
  • rooting management action in sound learning.

The absence of these disciplines results in the frustrating peaks and troughs of performance that so many organisations wrestle with year after year. Employee satisfaction and corporate reputation are actual outcomes of a culture based on tested and proven know-how, built up consistently over time. Companies should never rest on their laurels . they must always be challenging themselves; improving and innovating.

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