The Nature of Transformation
~ Creating a Culture of Innovation ~

Nigel Clements - The Deming Forum - “Lean Sigma - A totally, totally different name for something we’ve always had?”

The business world now appears big on “Lean” and big on “Six Sigma”. There are also attempts to combine the two and be big on “Lean Six Sigma”. Yet when you examine these from a systems perspective, a previous Transformation Forum strap line “Hitting the Target and Missing the Point” comes to mind. So what happens if you try critically to strip out the waste from such a programme? Dr Deming said “The present style of management is the biggest producer of waste” – so might the epithet “Lean Sigma” get closer to the point?

John Seddon - Vanguard Consulting -” It takes a lifetime!”
When John first connected with the Deming community in the year of the man’s death (1993), he was struck by how often he heard the refrain: ‘this takes a lifetime’. If it did it would never happen. John will challenge the idea that it takes a lifetime and will discuss what you could do on Monday.

Councillor Tony Owen - ”Star* Raving Bonkers”
Tony will illustrate just how much indicators and target setting (particularly in the public sector) not only impede improvement but actually make things worse. He will demonstrate, with practical examples, how control charts (or behaviour charts) lead to better analysis and decision making.

Jim Clauson - “How to Apply Deming’s Philosophies in the World of e-Business”.
Forum webmaster and Moderator of the Deming Electronic Network, ( will share some of his latest work and findings on using Deming's System of Profound Knowledge in electronic communication.

David Howard - Management New Style - “Economic-Quality, Computers and People”
For a quarter of a century these three aspects of business have enjoyed a muddled, costly and inefficient co-existence. Yet the distinctive, wealth creating strength of each arises from the same set of systemic principles. When recognised and aligned these elements can provide managers with a powerful platform for disruptive innovation. Drawing on 25 years of practical application of the Deming philosophy, David will explain how the technics are now to hand that can bring about a transformation in the way work gets done.

Paul Burton - Manager from British Airways’, “Transformation v Transition; An Operational Challenge.”
In March 2008, BA will undertake the most significant change in the company's history when it will move its Heathrow based operation into Terminal 5. The Heathrow Terminal 5 development has been acknowledged in many recent reports as truly groundbreaking. As a transitional change this is high risk so what are the challenges & consequences of targeting transformational change at the same time?

Sherrin Moss - MD of Anesthetics & Surgery, Winchester & Eastleigh NHS Trust & Esther Ridsdale, CSPI Associates. “Strategy, policy and systems thinking in the NHS”.
This presentation shows how systems thinking was used to guide strategy development in the NHS. The project used a novel team-based approach to understand the requirements. It illustrates an attempt to work systemically in a complex environment with many stakeholders and to deliver something that was actually an intrinsic part of a wider, highly-connected whole.

Robert Gillan - International Communication Skills Ltd. ”Learning to Learn”.
In an age of ever-accelerating change it is becoming increasingly clear that competitive advantage will go to those individuals and companies most efficient at learning and adapting. As a species we are programmed to learn: indeed, it is that, more than anything else, which distinguishes us from other primates and which has ensured our survival. This presentation shows what happens when we learn, how we have unique and individual learning styles and how we can therefore equip ourselves all the more effectively for professional and personal survival.

Sheila Ronis - President of The University Group Inc., "Erosion of the Industrial Base and its Issues of National Security: A Systems Approach for the U.S. Congress."
In 2006 Sheila completed a study for the U.S. House of Representatives They had asked her, as a systems scientist, to help them understand the issues surrounding why the industrial base was eroding in the west, especially the US. Hear the results!


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