The Nature of Transformation
~ Creating a Culture of Innovation ~

John Carlisle --“The Power of X, or Whatever Happened to McGregor’s Legacy?”
How we need to use the Theory of Knowledge to develop consciousness, and to deploy strategies that overcome fearful leadership.

Jane Burgess -- Waitrose & John Lewis. “Win-Win store development”.
Jane is the Divisional Registrar, responsible for making sure the Principles of the John Lewis Partnership are an integral part of the Waitrose business. She could be described as the ’conscience’ of the business. Jane will talk about systems thinking in new store development. This session spans the original development proposal through to the new store manager delivering the goods! Win - Win for everyone in the community.

Richard Kirkman -- Network Rail. “Transformation – a work in progress”.
What are the difficulties in improving customer service for a monopoly supplier in an industry rent asunder by the process of privatisation? At a time of increasingly positive prospects for the rail industry, Richard will review the on-going company-wide initiatives designed to support the transformation of Network Rail into a ‘world class’ infrastructure provider.

Dave Gaster -- author of Quality or Politics. “Embedding Systems Thinking in the Public Sector”.
Systems Thinking has been a small part of the way that the Public Sector has worked for nearly 20 years and yet it has never achieved the critical mass to become part of the Central Government direction. Dave will celebrate the achievements that have occurred in diverse services, referring to ‘Quality or Politics’ and then compare these achievements to the needs created by ‘The efficiency challenge’ and the white paper ‘Strong and prosperous communities’. Can the next planned 15% efficiency be achieved without Systems Thinking? How can our ‘Profound Knowledge’ become the Profound Knowledge for future governance?

Gerry Conboy -- of Energ-i (UK) which was formed in January 2000 in response to the deregulation of the utility industries.
Since then the business has delivered high-quality data management services to large utility companies. Gerry will share examples of his work with clients who include Powergen, Siemens and Scottish & Newcastle, creating innovative IT solutions based on open industry standards, interoperability, scalability and ease of use.

David McQuade -- Flagship Housing Association. "Acting on the system; some principles, practices and issues".
David will be presenting his experience over the last two years in moving from a command and control leadership style to systems thinking. He will highlight the huge learning in terms of his own leadership role and the impact throughout the entire organisation. He will demonstrate some stunning performance improvements and give an insight into Flagship's impressive journey. As part of this session he will touch on the major challenges in transforming the culture internally and with a wide range of business partners.

David Droar -- “Theory of Knowledge”.
Deming said “Knowledge comes only with theory”. In an engaging and challenging talk, David will explain the background and lead-up to this statement and the awkward consequences that stem from it: e.g. we are all essentially unconscious and have no access to reality. David looks at why individuals and organisations must be explicit about their underlying theories and know how to work within the limitations of the human condition in order to properly communicate and establish any useful knowledge. The talk promises to challenge, annoy and inspire you.

Paul Hollingworth -- 4GM "The Enneagram - A Profound System of Transformation”.
The ancient wisdom of the enneagram was brought to the attention of the Western world by George Gurdjieff in 1916. It's most popular use in management today is as a diagnostic tool for personality typing, but the enneagram is and always has been, about transformation. During the 20th century this simple diagram influenced the work of great systems thinkers such as George Bernard Shaw, John Bennett and Stafford Beer. Paul will share some insight into the enneagram and its use as a tool for transformation.

Denise Howard OBE --“Leaving A Smile on Everyone’s Face”.
Anyone who has bought or sold a house will relate to the story that Denise Howard brings to the 2007 Deming Forum. Denise was formerly the MD of YorkBoat. With the help of her husband and team, she transformed the organisation over several years from a small seasonal cruise company in York, to an award winning, year round customer delighting business employing over 60 people – harnessing the power of systems thinking to achieve this. Having sold the business in 2004, Denise and John moved into small scale property development and endured miserable experiences with the estate agents they encountered.

Such was her exasperation that Denise opened her own estate agents in York, smilesallround, in April 2006. Hear how she has developed the business from an idea, through planning, to opening using the SOPK, whilst retaining her passion for the customer and innovative approach in this traditional, highly competitive sector.

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