Transformation is the Future
~ Delivering Sustainable Change ~

Many organisations, whether in the public or private sector, say they are trying to "transform". For some this means a radical rethink of how they deliver their service whilst for others it means the adoption of the latest management idea that appears to hold some water. But for all of them a key challenge is how to build a momentum for change and deliver benefits for all stakeholders, particularly customers.

Unfortunately it isn't as easy as constructing a business case. Transformation by its very nature requires sustained learning and the ability to adapt over a period of time. In contrast, a business case usually relies on choosing a solution before you start -- a solution shaped by the very assumptions and knowledge that created the current way of doing things. The experience of most organisations has shown that transformation is much easier to aspire to than to deliver, so on what grounds can you expect success? Or rather, by what method?

Dr Deming and others recognised that the combination of four key disciplines make a profound difference to the impact and sustainability of change, and to the way it is embraced and sustained across the organisation. Whether you consider the change and sustainability agendas in terms of organisations, communities or the even the planet, you will benefit from exploring a more comprehensive system of management and developing your own approaches and plans.

Over 3 days you will discover the principles behind Systems Thinking and Deming's system of management, hear successful case studies, and meet inspiring speakers from Europe and America. At the time of going to press our agenda includes:


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