Transformation is the Future
~ Delivering Sustainable Change ~


  • Atkins -- delivering complex capital programmes for public and private clients across the globe
  • Colin Parry O.B.E-- the Tim Parry & Jonathan Ball Foundation for Peace
  • David Clift -- author of "Lean World: The DNA of Success and the Path to Prosperity"
  • Dennis Sherwood -- on Smart Innovation and Creativity
  • Emma Langman -- Atkins Rail and Alisdair MacDonald, Civil Engineering @ Bristol University
  • Geoff Hunt -- Soft Systems Methodology
  • Glenn Mazur -- QFD Institute -- Delighting customers. Uncover "positive" quality that wows the customer and delivers a common goal ~ customer delight
  • John Seddon -- Systems Thinking in the Public Sector ~ the failure of the reform regime and there is a better way
  • Kevan Leach -- Ever wondered what's hiding behind your sales figures/reports? Learn how to "read" your business data and easily improve performance
  • Mark Sheasby -- the Learning Continuum
  • Miranda Holmes -- Cheshire County Council. How a £1bn Local Authority is transforming the way it delivers a diverse range of services
  • Nick Hebborn -- Supply chain expert
  • Nigel Clements -- An Introduction to Systems Thinking
  • Patrick Hoverstadt -- on Stafford Beer, acknowledged as the founder of management cybernetics - the science of effective organisation.
  • Peter Worthington -- an in-depth look at data and charts
  • Tony Droar -- West Sussex County Council. Complexity, Chaos and Innovation
  • Toyota -- world leader in advanced automobile technology. Hear how Dr Deming influenced Toyota and vice versa.
  • Velux -- market leader in the manufacture of roof windows
  • Virgin Trains -- at the forefront of innovation within the UK's Rail Network
  • James Crawford -- your Conference Host will open by looking at why many of our attempts to transform fall short and what it takes to deliver positive change in the long term.

Thanks to the following sponsors for 2008:

Process Management International
WhitehallDianna Deming Cahill
Deming Learning Network
In2 In thinking

Managing Transformation
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