Transformation is the Future
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The introductory day of our Forum will help you get the most out of the following two days and to make a difference back in your own organisation. Choose from 2 full day sessions:

  • Option 1: "Modern VOC and QFD Workshop - New Tools for Matrix-Free QFD." with Glenn Mazur
  • Option 2: "An Introduction to the Deming Management Method" with Nigel Clements

Option 1:
"Modern VOC and QFD Workshop - New Tools for Matrix-Free QFD"
with Glenn Mazur

QFD was developed in Japan in the 1960s, a time before personal computers and when lifetime employment and devotion to company were strong. As a result, many of these traditional approaches required painstaking detail and man-days of time for analysis. The modern world offers no such luxuries and as a result, time-consuming quality methods have given way to "lean" approaches. Blitz QFD® is the lean approach to QFD, and this workshop will introduce you to its basic concepts and tool set, and offer hands-on practice with a few of the key ones.

The Blitz QFD® tool set consists of Gemba Visit table to record and clarify customer observations and verbatim, Customer Voice table to translate those into customer needs, Affinity diagram to have customers group these, Hierarchy diagram to uncover missing customer needs, Analytic Hierarchy Process to have customers prioritize their needs, and Maximum Value table to deploy high priority needs into organization-wide solutions. We will also show how to improve the flagrant math errors in traditional QFD resulting from the improper use of ordinal scale numbers. An MS Excel template for the workshop tools will also be provided, so please bring your laptop and a small in-class project to work on. Questions and challenges? - Your instructor thrives on them!

Option 2:
"An Introduction to the Deming Management Method"
with Nigel Clements

This fun and interactive day includes Deming's System of Profound Knowledge (SoPK), The Red Bead Experiment and Deming's 14 points for management (what the world class Japanese companies did in applying the System of Profound Knowledge).
Nigel Clements has extensive experience in helping organisations to effect their transformation and brings a wealth of data and examples to this session. Confront some of the idiocies of modern management and build a theory for more effective leadership behaviour ~ there really is a better way!

The objective of this workshop is to challenge current practices, stimulate you to learn more and help you understand what to stop and what to start doing in your own organisations. Why not bring a colleague and build an agenda for change together?

The Agenda for this event:

  • A brief history
  • The Experiment on the Red Beads
  • The System of Profound Knowledge
  • Dr Deming's 14 Points for Management
  • Video - "Doctor's Orders"
  • Deming on the world today

What you will get:

  • Course workbook
  • Selection of Deming A5 booklets
  • Deeper understanding of philosophy to help your learning at our annual forum
  • Great networking and learning with others who want to change

What previous delegates say:

  • "The scope of what can be achieved by applying this philosophy is frightening!"
  • "I particularly like the style, interactive approach, timings and spirit of fun within the session."
  • "A clear and understandable presentation, Nigel gave us a lot of good advice ~ so we are off to the bookshop!"

Thanks to the following sponsors for 2008:

Process Management International
WhitehallDianna Deming Cahill
Deming Learning Network
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