Transformation is the Future
~ Delivering Sustainable Change ~

James Crawford, your Forum Host, will open by looking at why so many of our attempts to transform fall short and what it takes to deliver positive change in the long term.

Dennis Sherwood, Silver Bullet Machine. ‘Is creativity born or made?’..this question drives the strategy of any organisation wishing to enhance it's ability to innovate. If you believe creativity is born, you’re obliged to search for 'creative' people, the fortunate few endowed with the 'magic gift'. Those who believe creativity is made, however, can adopt a very different approach - to train everyone in the appropriate skills, to encourage their use, and to build and maintain the cultural conditions in which individual creativity and organisational innovation can flourish. Dennis firmly believes that creativity is not born, but can indeed be taught.

Bob Parker & Hilbert Reijn, International Paint. ‘A Business Improvement Journey’. Hear and share in their learning, both from the successes and the disappointments, as they consider how to confront the challenges of the future. These include maintaining interest in a more mature programme and ensuring that the new thinking becomes increasingly integral to running the business. All in a currently highly successful global company, at a time of economic uncertainty.


Parallel sessions before lunch.

Parallel 1 ~ Miranda Holmes.
‘Systems Thinking in Local Government’.
Hear some practical examples and methodologies that will help gain momentum, realise substantial improvement, as well as  achieving sustainability in a large Transformation Programme.

Parallel 2 ~ Mark Sheasby, Sapsford.
‘About Success, Health and Happiness’.

Applying the System of Profound Knowledge to our mind body system and how we produce the states of mind, proven by research, to be the big predictors of success, health & happiness. Find out how to optimise performance under pressure and the language formula leaders can use to maintain optimism in adversity.

Parallel 3 ~ Geoff Hunt, The Koios Group.
Don’t think How; think What!
The Soft Systems Methodology (SSM) is an analytical approach for tackling complex, messy problems.  Geoff introduces the fundamentals of SSM and shows its utility in supporting elements of Deming’s management approach.


Parallel sessions after lunch.

Parallel 1 ~ Nick Hebborn, First Great Western.
Systems & Process – A Lifetime’s Journey?’

With new train fleets for West Coast Main Line and Cross Country services, Nick spent 10 years implementing systems & processes which actually worked and evolved consistently - organically breaking the ‘silo’ cycle. He’ll share those experiences and the challenges as Head of On-Board Service with a train company with the UK’s lowest customer satisfaction rating.

Parallel 2 ~ David Clift, Lean World.
Creating and sustaining 'Success' in a  21st Century  World’.
Powered by Deming’s insights and systems thinking,  ’Lean Management’  can result in effective transformation. Growth and prosperity are just one aspect, as  ‘Lean  enterprise’ also creates much better outcomes for individuals (customers,  suppliers and employees), the communities they serve, as well as the environment.

Parallel 3 ~ Peter Worthington, PRISM Europe.
‘Effective Use of Attribute Data’.
An in-depth look at data and process behaviour charts. Peter’s expertise in recording and interpreting data includes the often missed ‘voice of the process’.


Glenn Mazur, QFD Institute. “Delighting Customers with QFD”. Uncover “positive” quality that wows the customers and delivers a common goal. Often interactions with customers focus on complaints and problems, which offer a plethora of opportunity for Six Sigma belts to earn their keep. But these can also be windows into positive outcomes that can flow through into the design and development of new and next generation products and services. This paper will explain how the Customer Voice table, a modern QFD tool, can be used to translate negative product complaints into positive customer needs


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