The Rules Have all Changed!
...or have they?

~ Tuesday 19th through Thursday 21st May 2009 ~
3 days of the year that will change the other 362!

"The most thought provoking and challenging conference of the year!"

Ten years ago the Deming Forum held its inaugural conference to promote sustainable transformation. It recognised that there are well-trodden paths to sustainable success.   Organisations must work steadily to improve their performance, focus tirelessly on the needs of their customers, deliver consistent and high quality services, and embed a systematic approach to continuous improvement. Top-down bonus and target-driven approaches tend to optimise each department at the expense of the others. Instead, leaders must work on the whole system, identifying the flows of work and customer pathways, facing their problems honestly and involving all of their staff in the effort. 

Ten years on the rules have all changed. The years since the dot com bubble popped have offered the promise of economic stability, high employment, endless steady growth, easy credit and environmental responsibility. In 2008 it became apparent that this was an illusion. It seems that the rules of business and politics have now changed.

Or have they? Most of the problems that we are now experiencing could have been predicted many years ago (and indeed were). But during the good times few people seem to want to know about the risks. Problems were clearly being stored up and the psychology of society continued its timeless swing between exuberance and despair – boom and bust. 

Systems Thinking and Deming's management methods work to transform any organisation in any economic situation and will provide success over the long term. Originally developed and refined by Dr Deming, they provide the foundation for Transformation 2009. 

Explore all this and other leading thinkers’ views, whilst networking with other people and organisations facing similar challenges to your own. 

Listen to and learn with leading thinkers including Peter Scholtes (by satellite) and Will Hopper, author of The Puritan Gift.

We hope you'll join us.

The Deming Forum planning team

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