The Rules Have all Changed!
...or have they?


Wednesday was the first of two days of plenary and parallel sessions that stimulated your thoughts and learning. there were 3 main plenary sessions and choices from 6 parallel sessions offering interactive and more personalised options.
08.30/09.30 REGISTRATION
09.30 Plenary James Crawford, your Forum Host

Plenary Arie de Geus, Author of The Living Company. Arie is a Visiting Fellow at the London Business School and a founder member of the Society for Organizational Learning. His thinking has developed along very definite lines, moving into decision-taking theory and the consequences for management of living in a world in which human talent has become the critical success factor, rather than the money and capital from the industrial age.   


Plenary Will Hopper Author of The Puritan Gift: Reclaiming the American Dream Amidst Global Financial Chaos. . Will has been an investment banker for over 40 years. He was a founder of the Institute for Fiscal Studies a non-partisan research institute which offers comment on the economic impact of political proposals. In 2006 he and his brother wrote The Puritan Gift, a study of the Protestant work ethic in the US. He asks, “Where does the Protestant work ethic come from and how did America achieve such dominance in management for so long? Will considers this and the issues that led to global financial chaos.   

12.30 Parallel Sessions. Choose One
Parallel 1
Brian Wilson - Soft Systems Methodology (SSM) overview.

SSM is an approach to organisational process modelling that can be used both for general problem solving and change management. SSM is the only approach to business analysis that makes intentional use of perceptions in a justifiable way
Parallel 2
David Kerr
In his session 'By What Method', Dave explores some of the opportunities, frustrations, benefits and paradoxes of trying to engage organisations in the obvious benefits of adopting Deming's System of Profound Knowledge in today's Business climate.
Parallel 3
Alan Clark - The Beer Game -1 

A management exercise that teaches systems thinking & Deming’s approach. It simulates the production and distribution system for bottled beer from the brewery to retail sales.
13.30 LUNCH
 14.30 Parallel Sessions. Choose One
Parallel 1
Peter Scholtes – See Peter’s presentation delivered at the Deming Institute’s meeting in Madison last year. Peter plans to join us for Q & A by satellite.
Parallel 2
John Davis, Bristol University.
Their ‘systems thinking’ PhD in Engineering is a leader in education. John challenges normal paradigms and aims to produce Profoundly Knowledgeable Engineers!
Parallel 3
Alan Clark, The Beer Game - 2
The management exercise continues -teaching systems thinking & Deming’s approach. simulates the production and distribution system for bottled beer from the brewery to retail sales.
15.30 TEA
16.00 Plenary  Lucas Vos & Teresa Ratliff, Maersk Line. This world leading container business with a turnover of $20 billion and has, since 2006, been running their global development programme aimed at transforming performance. This session will explore the rewards, challenges and learning involved, ranging from ensuring that benefits are real to bringing on board 17.000 people in over 120 countries
17.00 Plenary  James Crawford, Closing Remarks
17.15 END OF DAY
  *Speakers may change due to events outside our control
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