The Rules Have all Changed!
...or have they?

Thursday was the second of two days of plenary and parallel sessions that stimulated your thoughts and learning. there were 3 main plenary sessions and choices from 6 parallel sessions offering interactive and mroe personalised options.
08.30/09.00 REGISTRATION
08.00-08.50 Breakfast Networking Sessions. 

Optional: Gordon Hall, John Carlisle & Kate Kelly. 
 'A Strategy for Influencing the Future & Making a Difference' – brainstorm & discussion.

09.00 Plenary James Crawford, your Forum Host

Plenary  Owen Buckwell, Head of Housing Management at PortsmouthCity Council. Hear the remarkable journey of this Housing provider - embracing systems thinking and involving the length of the supplier delivery chain in transformation. £18m reinvested across the life of the financial plan by tackling the problem differently, reactive repairs end-end times reduced from a predictable 60 days to 7 days, 98% of repairs fixed right first time and the waiting list reduced from 11,500 to 3,500!

10.50 Parallel Sessions. Choose One
Parallel 1
John Seddon. Described as iconoclastic, challenging and forthright, John has built a formidable reputation. Ever interested in doing things differently, he invites you to a conversation about what’s on his mind. Are economists like sociologists? Why was Dr Deming’s last book entitled The New Economics? Is big that beautiful?
Parallel 2
Colin Poole
CEO of Optua will tell how his disability charity has embarked on their journey of adopting Deming's thinking and leadership.So if you’re wondering whether to put a toe or a foot in the water, you’ll value hearing from someone paddling a few feet out! spacer
Parallel 3
Martin Gibson - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly.
There are some good (People, Variation, some Knowledge), bad (People, Variation , some Knowledge) and ugly things (lack of System Thinking, short term not long term thinking, sub-optimisation. Martin will draw upon his experiences to share with the audience and finish with a hope for what must happen in the future.
12.00 Plenary Mark Miller, President of Markeys AV.  provided Audio Visual support for Dr. Deming's 4 day seminars from the 1980’s. Mark, the owners, and many managers attended a seminar and began immediately changing their leadership style. Within 3 years commission pay was abolished, appraisals stopped, continual improvement instituted, systems thinking applied and interdepartmental cooperation started, joy in work sought and training enhanced. Hear the ongoing story.  
1.00 LUNCH
14.30 Parallel Sessions. Choose One
Parallel 1
Marie-Louise Thorsen Lind-How do we get to change?
Marie-Louise, a Deming Immersion programme scholar,  will present from a doctorate project at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. Dr Deming’s SOPK was used to form an outside view on trends in American management that inspired a Swedish establishment of professional leaders, social partners, politicians, academics, consultants and other experts on management. Among the findings was that the theoretical grounds of management can be outdated, forgotten and considered inhumane but still be socially enforced. Therefore the road to transformation is difficult and might be easier if facilitated with psychology. 
Parallel 2
Gillian Johnson
The Forensic Science Service - Their desire to improve customer satisfaction through improved internal processes led them to enlisting a systems thinking approach. Hear the story directly from the scientists who are leading the changes.
Parallel 3
Gordon Hall - Leader of  Deming Learning Network’s session will be ‘From A Controlled to a Learning Society’. He’ll share many of the Scottish successes, including Jim Mather MSP, Minister of Enterprise, Billy O'Neill & Theresa Lawrie’s work in the Borders, David Erdal's work supporting Employee Ownership companies and he excellent work of John Seddon and Vanguard Scotland. He will challenge what has been and needs to be done.
15.00 TEA
15.30 Plenary  Simon Caulkin is an associate of the LBS Management Innovation Lab and management writer at The Observer. He has contributed to many other newspapers and journals in the UK and abroad. Simon’s observations and articles are a voice of reason and a beacon of light in today’s fractured world.
16.30 Plenary  James Crawford, Closing Remarks
17.15 END OF DAY
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