Tues 11 ~ Thurs 13 May 2010

at The Robinson Centre, Wyboston. UK

Out of the Crisis...back to the future

"The most thought provoking and challenging conference of the year!"

The thinking and methods to revive our economy, refresh our government, strengthen our communities and protect our environment.

2010 presents us with an opportunity to focus on sustainability and purpose, and our responsibility to our wider society. We now need to adopt a more effective method of achieving this. If power is no longer measured by land or capital ownership then it will be knowledge that will be the source of equity and the currency for the future. We need a method that will bring people together and find better and better ways of managing all that we do and every service we provide; method that gives us a fresh perspective but is based on well-grounded theories.

The key to long-term success is a joined-up approach to managing an organisation coupled with a systematic approach to learning and improvement that involves everyone. Together they deliver change that is effective and sustainable rather than superficial and short lived, but the challenges in managing this transformation of thinking and culture can be profound.

We need to look to the future, building on knowledge from the past - to the proven theories and practices that have been lost in the quest for short term achievement at the expense of long term gain. The age of the 'Generalist' manager is dead. We need to embrace 'domain knowledge' in our leaders. The future lies in industry knowledgeable leaders who understand Systems Thinking and have developed 'Profound Knowledge', a system of management originally developed and refined by Dr. W Edwards Deming. His theories and methods provide the framework for TRANSFORMATION 2010, and are a foundation for the transformation of any organisation in any economic situation, providing success over the long term.

Explore all this and more and network with other organisations facing similar challenges to your own.

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