Tues 11 ~ Thurs 13 May 2010

at The Robinson Centre, Wyboston. UK

Out of the Crisis...back to the future

"The most thought provoking and challenging conference of the year!"

Listen to and learn with leading thinkers including:

  • James Crawford ~ Conference Host and Systems Thinker
  • Kelly Allan - Applying Dr. Deming's System of Profound Knowledge in "Turn around" situations to keep companies alive
  • Jim Mather - MSP ~Systems Thinking in Government
  • Southern Housing Group ~ How to get the snowball rolling
  • Matthew Moss High School ~ Analysing school and the Deming principles
  • Dave Gaster - Visualising Transformation >
  • Steve Johnson ~ Optimising Legal Advice Services
  • Dennis Sherwood - The new science of organodynamics
  • Waitrose - Transforming Leaders for organisational change
  • Avon & Somerset Constabulary ~ Deming in Policing
  • John Seddon - Things you can do on a Monday
  • Atkins - Encouraging teams to gel and perform
  • Peter Worthington - Prediction - a la Shewhart - it's impact on business
  • Davis Balestracci ~ Dr. Deming's Message; What changed in 30 years? Everything .. and nothing!

Thanks to the following sponsors for 2010:

Process Management International
Flying Pixel
In2 thinking Network
Saffron consulting
Alliance of Deming Consutlants
Breakthrough systems
Deming Learning Network
Touchpoint Change

Tony Heald

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