Tues 11 ~ Thurs 13 May 2010

at The Robinson Centre, Wyboston. UK

Out of the Crisis...back to the future

"The most thought provoking and challenging conference of the year!"

Choose from these two events:

Option 1: For delegates new to systems thinking and Deming's Management Method

Nigel Clements. An Introduction to Deming’s System of Management
This fun and interactive, introductory session will look at effective leadership based on the management philosophy of Dr W Edwards Deming. The workshop covers Deming’s System of Profound Knowledge (SoPK), and (briefly) his 14 points for management. Delegates will also take part in The Red Bead Experiment (what the world class Japanese companies did in applying the System of Profound Knowledge).

Nigel Clements is the session leader. He is a member of the Deming Forum team & brings a wealth of experience and examples to this session. Nigel will confront some of the idiocies of modern management and explore a more effective way of leading.

The objective of this workshop is to challenge current practices, stimulate you to learn more and help you understand what to stop and what to start doing in your own organisations. Why not bring a colleague and build an agenda for change together?

Delegates will receive:

a course workbook and a selection of Deming A5 booklets
deeper understanding of philosophy to help your learning at our annual forum
great networking and learning with others who want to change
Previous delegates said:

“The scope of what can be achieved by applying this philosophy is frightening!”
“I particularly like the style, interactive approach, timings and spirit of fun within the session.”
“A clear and understandable presentation, Nigel gave us a lot of good advice.”

Option 2: For delegates wishing to learn elements of systems thinking in more depth

Davis Balestracci: Data Sanity - Data "Insanity"; The Silent Improvement Killer
“Statistics” may be the most misunderstood aspect of improvement. It should actually permeate the everyday fabric of any organisation serious about transforming to true excellence … but not in the way you might think. This session will introduce the concept of “data sanity” through a lens of statistical thinking. It will demonstrate that the most common data analyses and displays (data tables, bar graphs, trend lines, quartile rankings, and comparison to arbitrary goals and standards with “traffic light” systems) are waste, pure and simple. Elegantly simple—and counterintuitive—alternatives will be presented that have the potential to create a common organisational "language" for deeper, more productive conversations about data issues.

At the end of the seminar participants will be able to:

Recognise and avoid poor, unproductive data analyses and displays.
Use three simple statistical tools to create a common organizational language for data issues.
Address destructive managerial actions that result from misunderstanding of terms like "trend," "above average," and "below average" to create time and priority for improvement.
Utilise the power of a little known "common cause strategy" to solve a significant organizational problem immediately upon their return
Distinguish between the two types of variation and how to deal with them appropriately.
Get a roomful of people to agree on relatively complicated data analyses within minutes.
Think “statistically” and see commonalities among TQM, CQI, Six Sigma, and Lean
Apply a supplied Excel macro to unleash the awesome power of “plotting the dots.”
Previous delegates said:

"Enlightening, enjoyable, a fun way to learn this."
“I never thought a ’statistics’ talk at 6:45AM could be as much fun as it was. I’ve used Mr. Balestracci’s suggestions several times already."
"One of a kind and that is statistically significant! Practical, precise and pleasant."

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