Leaders for today and tomorrow

Wed 25 ~ Thurs 26 May 2011
at The Robinson Centre, Wyboston. UK

A unique learning experience featuring:
Nigel Clements, Hazel Cannon, James Crawford
& other notable thinking practitioners

Day 1 ~ the Deming approach to Transformation

The first day of this year’s Transformation Forum took the form of a highly interactive and collaborative workshop in which we explored, together, Dr Deming's elegant theory for leadership and how it is still immensely relevant for the world as it is today.

Everyone in the room ,joined forces to look through this powerful lens to see:

    • why the world is as it is;
    • how Dr Deming’s management method is a route to a better place;
    • what this says about issues that are important to you;
    • what we as leaders of today and leaders of tomorrow can do differently to help your organisation survive and thrive in turbulent times.

Day 2 ~ Strategies to Survive and Thrive

The second day of our conference presented Case Studies from exciting and innovative contributors. They are applying Deming’s management method and achieving massive benefits to their bottom line as a consequence of delighting their customers by engaging their people and streamlining the workflow.  Organisations that are indeed surviving and thriving despite the prevailing economic conditions, including:

Delagates who attended TRANSFORMATION 2011 can get photos, downloads and more information from the link emailed to them.

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