Wed 25 ~ Thurs 26 May 2011
at The Robinson Centre, Wyboston. UK

"The most thought provoking and challenging conference of the year!"

Leaders for Today and Tomorrow
~ Strategies to Survive and Thrive

 Delivering a superior service for less than before’.
Neil Alexander, MTS and Ian Gilson, ComServe Group. 

Learn how a complete building and repairs materials management service is dramatically improving operatives output by getting 85% (and rising) of all jobs completed from van stock. (it was previously 40% with 4 times the stock!)  For the remaining 15% of jobs, they aim to deliver the materials required to the operative at the time they need it… not within 24hrs… not AM or PM… not even a 2 hr time slot,,, but the hour and the minute of exactly when it’s required.

 ‘A Need to Know - Dr Deming’s thinking underpinning the development of the Counter Terrorism Network’.

Detective Superintendent Tim Metcalfe, CT Interoperability Programme Team with Brian Russell & Kevin Jones of RJBS Ltd. 

In April 2007, 5 Counter Terrorism Units were established - designed to strengthen the UK’s response to the threat of terrorism. The creation of these new units presented some significant challenges in terms of governance, communication, ethos, culture and organisational learning. Deming’s System of Profound Knowledge is helping to make sense of a complicated landscape and draw together a collection of hitherto regional assets into a cohesive whole – a national Counter Terrorism (CT) network. The UK’s Counter Terrorism Unit’s have grown quickly in a short space of time. Dr Deming’s ideas will continue to underpin this growth although there is recognition that we are only part way through the journey. After all in Dr Deming’s words ““It does not happen all at once. There is no instant pudding.” Hear their developing story. 

‘The condition is serious - the cure is robust.’  Peter Lachman, Consultant for Service Redesign and Transformation,

Associate Medical Director for Patient Safety & Consultant Paediatrician at Great Ormond St Hospital. 

With increasing demand, diminished resources and decreased supplies, the condition of the NHS is critical. Many say we need a new theory. If you change the theory, can you really solve the problems in the NHS?  And how do you make the theories palatable to ensure the changes result in improvements (rather than just another change or reorganisation!)? In Healthcare everyone thinks they are unique (special cause) but there are many commonalities in almost every illness/situation. ‘Good crisis management’ is no longer an acceptable management strategy. 

The NHS and the Institute of Healthcare Improvement are achieving remarkable results across the service with energised medical and support staff changing the patient experience for the better. 

 ‘Systems Thinking Consultancy - a transforming story’.
 Shona Murray, Aviva. 

Understand how Systems Thinking is underpinning significant changes in the Insurance Industry by working at the customer interface to improve the service, streamline delivery, and reduce complexity. Hear how they are dealing with targets and the ‘interesting’ behaviour that pursuing them causes. 


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