~ Beyond Process Excellence ~
create your own dynamic system of change and collaboration

Wed 22 & Thurs 23 May 2013
at Wyboston Lakes. UK

A unique learning experience featuring:
Neil Alexander & Ian Gilson (Perfect Flow), John Carlisle (Cooperation Works), Neill Carruthers (Network Rail), Nigel Clements (The Deming Forum), James Crawford, Forum Host (TouchPoint Change), Diana Davis (Editor of the Process Excellence Network), Simon Dodds (Consultant Surgeon, Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust), Simon Guilfoyle (Police Inspector, West Midlands Constabulary), David Hawkins (Author of BS 11000), David Kerr(The Deming Forum), Tim Meadows-Smith (StartUp Britain Champion for Suffolk), Jason Pugh(Atkins Rail), John Seddon (Vanguard), Dennis Sherwood (Silver Bullet Machine), and Ben Simpson (Bespoke Performance Solutions),  along with other notable thinkers and practitioners

"The most thought provoking and challenging conference of the year!"

Most of us are under increasing pressure to achieve more, serve customers better and cost less. Many organisations have already adopted a range of efficiency, re-structuring and process excellence strategies in a bid to do this. Yet we still know there are plenty of opportunities to improve our services, reduce wasted effort and create better places to work. So what next? More cost cutting? More benchmarking? New improvement methods?

Dr. Deming argued that quality, productivity and excellence cannot be achieved by copying others. If your company is the same as everyone else’s, why should your customers buy from you rather than them? And in the public sector, you need to satisfy the ever higher demands of your particular community.

What we each need is a fresh and tailored response to our situation as it is now. A response that releases the ideas of everyone involved in our services – engaging suppliers and customers as well as staff at all levels and in all areas, collaborating to achieve better service and greater success.

Creating your own system of change is vital, focusing on your priorities and engaging the aspirations of your customers and colleagues. Whatever your particular priorities, you must develop your own system of change that takes you beyond efficiency, restructuring and process excellence... to where you want to be.

Attendees of TRANSFORMATION 2013 learnt how to clarify what's needed to do to bring all the elements of successful change together in a practical and straightforward way.

Run by the Deming Transformation Forum – an independent, not for profit organisation. It seeks to create learning and networking opportunities to help organisations survive and thrive through the understanding and application of the Deming System of Management for Industry, Government and Education.

Delagates who attended TRANSFORMATION 2013 can get photos, downloads and more information from the link emailed to them.

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