~ Beyond Process Excellence ~ 
create your own dynamic system of change and collaboration

Wed 22 & Thurs 23 May 2013
at Wyboston Lakes. UK

A choice of 2 unique learning experiences featuring notable thinkers and practitioners including Nigel Clements, David Kerr, Jason Pugh & Dennis Sherwood.

"The most thought provoking and challenging conference of the year!"

Day One of TRANSFORMATION 2013 gave a choice of whole day in-depth learning sessions with experts in their field, helping you with different aspects of developing your own dynamic system of change and collaboration. These interactive session left you with new ideas, skills and enthusiasm to take back to your workplace.

Option 1:
The Nature of Collaboration: using BS 11000 as a Platform for Greater Business Success. A dynamic and practical learning session with Nigel Clements, David Kerr & Jason Pugh.

Organisations across the UK are being encouraged (even urged!) to apply this new standard BS11000. As they do, it is critical to realise that, far more important than the implementation of a standard, is the philosophy and guiding principles upon which an organisation builds its programme of change. One of the criticisms of ISO 9000, for example, is that some organisations choose to implement without knowledge, purchasing generic manuals and paying lip service to the intention of the standard. As a result they could guarantee to produce variable & questionable products or services ~ consistently and on time - driving up costs and driving customers away! Organisations may, however, choose to implement from a sound knowledge foundation, where the standard becomes an integral part of the company with people using effective processes as a springboard for continuous improvement, lower costs, customer delight, and joy in work. Which  would you prefer?

This interactive and engaging session explored the nature of collaboration and the aspirations of BS 11000 using the well-proven lens of organisational theory developed by Dr W Edwards Deming. It enabled you to consider your own issues and develop your own approach to collaboration and the standard that could make a profound difference to you, your customer, your supply chain, and your future.

Option 2:
The Nature of Collaboration: Creative Collaboration for a Thriving Future with Dennis Sherwood
This stimulating day with one of the leading innovators will help you consider your successful strategies and allow you to clear the path for your organisation's exciting opportunities to lead the way in your sector.

Run by the Deming Transformation Forum – an independent, not for profit organisation. It seeks to create learning and networking opportunities to help organisations survive and thrive through the understanding and application of the Deming System of Management for Industry, Government and Education.

Delagates who attended TRANSFORMATION 2013 can get photos, downloads and more information from the link emailed to them.

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