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List of Forum Proceedings - 2002 ~ 2004

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2005 ~ 2007 Presentation Files:

   The 2005, 2006 & 2007 proceedings are available on CD


2004 Presentation Files:

2004 proceedings

The 2004 proceedings are available on CD » here.
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  • Allan: Six Leadership Competencies
  • Barry & Mapp: Leader as Coach
  • Barton & Thompson: EFQM & Continuous Improvement
  • Carlisle: Leadership & Cooperation
  • Clements: Liven Up Your Performance Data
  • Crawford & Dolan: Deming Ideas, Whence and Whither
  • Hall: Developing the Deming Learning Network
  • Heaney & Gouchwin: Applying Deming to Submarine
  • Llewellyn: High Performing Teams - The Magic Ingredient
  • Mink: Day One in the Age of Prometheus
  • Mink: Leadership Issues in the New Economy
  • Parsley: The 4 Agreements - Transforming Modern Business
  • Scott & Crawford: Lean IT - Ensuring Your IT...
  • Swain: Lean Thinking Leadership
  • Weight: Continual Improvement is Our Goal
  • Wilde: Management Mindgames & mipulation
  • Wormold & Lambert: How Good Leadership Can Be


2004 proceedings

2003 Presentation Files:

  • Adsett: Resilient Systems - Applying a Systems Based Approach
  • Calder: True Improvement - The Real Target
  • Campling: NHS Direct - Getting the Full Picture
  • Clark: A Personal Perspective on Transformation
  • DeGeus: Strategy and Business
  • Dickson: Project Management in an Unpredictable World
  • Gibson: Targeting Design for 6 Sigma
  • Gurteen: Rewarding and Punishing Knowledge Sharing
  • Harris & Hardy: Modern Management Methods in Motion
  • Hebbon & Alderman: Achieving Quality Through Partnerships
  • Howard, David: People Driven Economic Quality
  • Howard, Denise: Learning to Stay Afloat Together
  • Miller: Deming's Wide Angle Lens
  • Neave: Deming - The Man and the Message
  • Owen: Using Data in a Better Way
  • Rollings: Vodafone's Continual Improvement
  • Thwaits: A System for Preparedness
  • Tribus: What Drives a Company?
  • Varney: Getting Your Ducks in a Row
  • Westwood: Using SPC to Continuously Improve NHS


2004 proceedings

2002 Presentation Files:

  • Bellows: Thinking Organisations
  • Bellows: Creating New ROIs
  • Cutler: Leadership, Observation and Experiments
  • Faulkner: Marshalls case study
  • Foster: Introducing Virgin Trains to Process Management
  • Horton: Question of Balance
  • Kelly: Gaining commitment to Transformation
  • Lineacre: Transforming Healthcare
  • Oestreich: The Path of Integrity: Authentic Action as a Leader 01
  • Oestreich: Leaf
  • Oestreich: Some Real World Examples of Each Stage
  • Pitt: Transforming Healthcare
  • Rodden: How to achieve 38% Productivity Improvement in 16 weeks!
  • Swain: Value Creation in the Lean Enterprise 01
  • Swain: Value Creation in the Lean Enterprise 02
  • Tribus: ROI or IOU -- How the Aim of the System Determines Everything

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