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PDF  - Manageing Transformation actually means Transforming Management

Our valuable 12 page Booklet titled:

"Managing Transformation
actually means
Transforming Management".

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So what might an organisation be like that followed the Deming approach consistently over a period of time?

  • All staff would have a clear mission and aligned objectives, focused on real customer needs
  • They would understand and optimise all end to end processes, working closely with all stakeholders to get closer and closer to the evolving balance of features, service and cost that customers want
  • They would use balanced measurements and Control Charts to constantly reduce variation, improve performance, reduce waste and adapt in their changing environment
  • Managers would value, empower and challenge all of their people to learn, to improve and to innovate
  • and they would lead all this consistently, responding to changing customer expectations, and avoiding counter-productive short-term thinking

PDF To find out more read our booklet, 'Managing Transformation actually means Transforming Management'

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Management without leadership is tyranny
Leadership without management is wasteful

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